Supporterintervjuet: Før Sheffield Wednesday (B)

Kyle Simon deler sine betraktninger om sesongen og Pompeys situasjon i League One. Lørdag tror han Pompey avslutter sesongen med å slå Sheffield Wednesday på bortebane.

SUPPORTERINTERVJUET: Da er vi kommer til sesongens aller siste supporterintervju, og det er selveste Kyle Simon som stiller til en prat. Vår medlem nummer 103 er brite bosatt i Moss i Norge. Her er hans tanker før sesongens siste kamp:


Det ble 8. plass forrige sesong. Hva er dine tanker om det Pompey presterte i 2020/21?

– Not so good, not so bad. I went into the season thinking that if we are challenging for a play off spot with only a couple of games to go then I would be happy. We did that and what do you know? I was not happy!


Hva var dine tanker og forventninger til denne sesongen? Nå er play-off-håpet over, men hvilke lag tror du rykker opp fra League One i år?

– Same as last year to be quite honest. Majority of the players that the Cowleys I herited do not fit their system. I knew it would take more then a season to change that. I think Wigan and Rotherham go up, at least I hope so. Anyone other then the franchise!


Hva synes du om Pompeys sesong 2021/22?

– We should hopefully of improved our points tally from last season which was 72. Much needed money has been spent on the stadium and training facilities. I can’t say I’m happy that our chase for the play offs was over with quite a few games left to go but it’s a tough league which appears to be getting tougher. We have a middle bracket wage bill so you could say we are over achieving.


Har du planer om å få til en tur over for å se Pompey i løpet av 2022?

– Every year I have plans to go over, its my biggest regret of leaving Portsmouth to the sunny and warm shores of Norway. Going from watching most matches to being an armchair fan is a different ballgame. Getting sidetracked here, yes! I do plan on catching at least 1 game at the park.


Hvordan holder du deg oppdatert på Pompey (kamper og nyheter)?

– I watch every match on ifollow to my partners delight. I follow reports on twitter and Facebook for other news.


Har du noen favorittspillere i dagens Pompey-spillerstall?

– Baz is great, boy is going to go far. I have no problem with loans when they have the potential of him! However, my favourite player has to be Raggett. I have to say I berated him when he first came. Looked like bambi on ice. He has certainly found a place in my heart now though. I mean, who does not like a warrior at the heart of defence who lost some teeth months ago and does not care about getting it fixed! Oh, and his hair flick he started doing was gold!


Hva er dine tanker om brødrene Cowley?

– I like them, I can see what they are trying to do and want they want to achieve. Unfortunately at present they do not have the backing of the board. We knew that though, and as I said previously I feel they are over achieving with what they have! Too many fans feel that we are bigger then where we currently find ourselves. We are not! We are where we are because that’s the level we deserve to be at. Rome was not built in a day!


Nå er det siste kamp for sesongen: Bortekamp mot Sheffield Wednesday. Hva er dine tanker om denne kampen, hva er din startellever og hvordan tror du kampen ender?

Tough game against a very good side on paper. I will go for a 2-1 to us. Hirst and O’Brien with the goals. Gk – Baz Cb – Carter Cb – Ragget Cb – Robinson Rwb – Romeo Lwb – Hume Cm – Morrel Cm – Thompson Cam – Jacobs St – Hirst St – Obrien


Har du ellers noe du vil si til resten av de skandinaviske Pompey-supporterne?

– Chin up ladies and gentlemen, it’s always a ride with Portsmouth

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Før 23. serierunde: AFC Wimbledon (B): Alexander Thorsen (kampen ble utsatt)

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Før 13. serierunde: Ipswich Town (H): Martin Grimstvedt

Før 12. serierunde: Rotherham (B): Mange Nilsson 

Før 11. serierunde: Sunderland (H): Steen Houman

Før 10. serierunde: Burton Albion (B): Kenneth Johansen

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Før 7. serierunde: Cambridge Utd (H): Jean Robert Tankred

Før 6. serierunde: MK Dons (B): Atle Stray

Før 5. serierunde: Wigan (B): Joakim Ellingsen

Før 4. serierunde: Doncaster (B): Camilla Nilsen

Før 3. serierunde: Shrewsbury (H): Pål Alexander Lea

Før 2. serierunde: Crewe (H): Trygve Mellvang Tomren-Berg

Før 1. runde i ligacupen: Millwall (B): Ståle Håheim

Før 1. serierunde: Fleetwood (B): Torkil Risan

Sean Raggett.