Supporterintervjuet: Før Wycombe Wanderers (B)

Chris Billowes i Stockholm tror Pompey sikrer seg tre poeng med en overtidsscoring i dagens bortekamp mot Wycombe.

SUPPORTERINTERVJUET: Det spisser seg til og utgangspunktet vårt er veldig bra, men vi har et tøft kampprogram igjen og det er altfor tidlig å feire opprykk ennå. Vi har blant annet en tøff bortekamp mot Wycombe i dag, langfredag.

Vi har kontaktet Chris Billowes, en av våre medlemmer i Sverige. Chris startet puben Tudor Arms i Stockholm, den første britiske puben i den svenske hovedstaden, i 1969. Nå er det sønnen James som driver puben, men Chris er jevnlig innom. Her er Chris sine tanker før kampen mot Wycombe.


What do you think about Pompey´s 2022/23 season?
– Well, as has been for the past few seasons, very disappointing. An 8th position finish and 14 points behind the playoffs made it not so funny to follow Pompey during the last couple of months of last season.

What were your hopes and expectations for this season?

– Excitement is always there at the beginning of the season, and it started good! And it has continued all through the season, so my hopes are always high right up to today, making it really extra fun to follow the outcome. Expectations, I don´t like to look into the future (next 7 games) but if we can get 4 wins and a draw, we´re on automatic promotion!! Not worried about being top of the league, automatic promotion is the goal. Just don´t want to be in the playoffs.

Which three teams do you think will be promoted from League One this season?

– It´s got to be 2 of 3, Derby, Bolton or Pompey for automatic promotion. I don´t even want to guess how the playoffs will end, anything can happen, that´s why I don´t want Pompey to end off there!

What do you think about Pompey´s season so far?


Have you been to any Pompey-games this season, or do you plan to travel to Portsmouth this year?

– I´m to far away, and getting too old to enjoy travelling these days, but I will try to get back to the Isle of Wight, my home town, within the next couple of months. If Pompey have a home match, I will certainly try to get over to the match, but from previous experience they always lose at home when I´m at Fratton Park!

How do you stay updated on Pompey-news and their games?

– I don´t very often visit Pompey Home Page, but I do keep up to date through Sky Sports News and the Live Score App. This gives me all the info I need.

Have you got a favourite Pompey player in today´s squad?

– Yes, I suppose so, I always get very excited when Kusini Yengi is brought on, and I always look out for Colby Bishop. Both great penalty takers!

What do you think about John Mousinho?

– I´m afraid I don´t know enough about John Mousinho to comment, but he is obviously doing something right, so good luck to him.

Now Pompey are away against Wycombe. What do you think about this game, what do you think the score will be and what is your starting eleven?

– Wow, now you are looking for a prediction from me! I would love to see Pompey win (2-1, with goal in extra time!) but what will be will be. Not the end of the world if we lose, but all still depends on other results. Sorry, but I´m afraid I can´t give you a starting 11, I don´t really know enough about all Pompey players.

Have you got a message for the other Pompey-fans in Scandinavia?

– Yes, to all Scandinavian supporters, let’s just carry on chanting “PLAY UP POMPEY”. And let´s hope we´re in the Championship next season……

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Kusini Yengi.