jubel 2015gVår medlem Michael Pantling oppsummerer sesongen så langt.

Ingen av våre medlemmer følger Pompey tettere enn Michael Pantling. Engelskmannen har vært bosatt i Danmark i mange år og han stiller opp de gangene våre danske medlemmer møtes for å se Pompey på pub. Det vil si: De gangene han ikke er på kampen selv. Michael reiser over til England for å se Pompey svært mange ganger i året, og han er derfor vel verdt å lytte til når han leverer følgende på vår oppfordring om å oppsummere sesongen så langt:

Overraskende bra borteform
A quarter of the way through the season and Pompey are still doing really well. What is perhaps most surprising is that our away form is so much better than that at home. We seem to be able to play quite badly at times yet still win away. Newport was a typical performance, we controlled much (but certainly not all) of the game but didn’t create too many chances, scored and held on. Pompey are certainly more resilient than in the last few seasons and have had some great come-backs. I’m not quite sure what is going wrong at Fratton – a crowd with very high expectations doesn’t always help combined with many teams playing as if they would be happy for one point and simply packing the mid-field and defence. Pompey often have an astonishing amount of passion but struggle to find positive ways of using it.

ben davies97I’m impressed with Roberts, Doyle and Davies (bildet til høyre) even if they sometimes lack pace. I have a slight concern whether or not their age will beginning to tell nearer the end of the season since they have been missed when they couldn’t play – particularly Roberts. Burgess and Clarke have generally performed very well but it was good to see Webster slotting in when needed. Bennet has his moments but is inconsistent and sometimes lacks concentration.

Har savnet Evans og McGurk
We have missed Evans and indeed McGurk. Tubbs works best with an attacking partner but again nice to see him winning matches for us again. Chaplin has been a revelation but needs to be used sparingly and has had some silly yellow cards. Stevens has been ok most of the time Barton less so with Hollands stepping in to shore up the midfield. Atatangana has done better than last season. Stockley’s lack of experience shows.  All of our goal keepers have performed reasonably well. We need to maintain an average of two points per match to ensure success and we all want to see them coming at Fratton(not that it isn’t a big plus to win so many away). So all very satisfactory so far.

Paul Cook has been great so far, he appreciates the crowd and engages well. His no nonsense attitude is just what we like and so far his new signings have been very astute combined with his attempts to keep many of our younger players involved. It will be interesting to see who gets to play in the FA Cup – it wouldn’t surprise me if our squad is more like that chosen for the League Cup. I suspect his biggest regret is not having a reserve team in regular competition. There has been focus on attractive passing football and that seems to work much of the time. Far fewer cards than the Pompey of old.

Everybody is expectant of promotion, hopefully automatically. We have the players to win the league and a manager who can take us much further. I’m hoping that we can create a gap ahead of most of the competition by January.


paul cook97 
Manager Paul Cook.