2014-15 oxford-pompey shorey westcarrIngen av våre medlemmer ser Pompey så ofte og så mye som Michael Pantling, bosatt i Danmark. Her deler han sine tanker om Pompey-spillerne vi andre stort sett kjenner fra korte klipp og kampreferat.

Michael Pantling kommer fra England, men har vært bosatt i Danmark i mange år. Det hindrer han ikke i å se Pompey mer enn mange Pompey-supportere bosatt i Sør-England. Michael reiser over til de fleste seriekampene og har derfor bedre grunnlag enn noen andre av våre medlemmer til å si noe om kvaliteten på Pompey-spillerne.

Vi andre ser Pompey live toppen 1-2 ganger per år, og stort sett det samme antall kamper på TV. Resten av våre inntrykk av spillerne er derfor basert på videoklipp fra kampene, eventuell radiokommentering og kampreferater og artikler. Michael ble derfor utfordret av undertegnede til å komme med en dom av Pompey-spillerne så langt i sesongen. Han tok utfordringen og serverte følgende. Merk at han skrev dette like før vår 3-2-seier mot Tranmere tirsdag kveld. Da var det som kjent Westcarr og Taylor - to spillere Michael ikke har latt seg imponere over - som ble heltene.

Who's Who in The Pompey Squad
The season has been a bit of a nightmare when it comes to describing the team it has been difficult to keep track of all the comings and goings, however, things have finally settled down over the last 5 or so matches:

paul jones98Paul Jones (bildet til høyre) has played in every match so far this season and has certainly added something to the team in terms of his "presence" and communication with the defence - something that we lacked last season. I believe he is perfectly suited for both League 2 and hopefully League 1 in the not to distant future. I've seen him make some excellent saves and relatively few bad mistakes 8/10.

We are currently playing with 3 centre backs and 2 wing backs

Joe Devera is currently favoured on the right. He has had a mixed season and while he is reasonably experienced, he has made far too many simple errors for my liking and is in my opinion the weakest of our "regular" back three 6/10.

Paul Robinson originally came on loan from Millwall and has since joined Pompey on a permanent deal. Whenever I've seen him play he has held the defence together and given real leadership and guidance to our younger players. A fearless header of the ball who has also managed the odd goal. A firm favorite of mine. 8/10.

Jack Whatmough (pronounced "what more") is a young local lad normally found towards the left of centre easily identifiable by his flowing blond hair. He has had a few injury problems earlier in the season but is the preferred choice at the moment. He is strong and determined but occasionally a bit rash in his tackling and he does like to pull shirts more often than he should. Certainly a player that can only get better with time and very much "one of ours" 7/10.

Josh Passley is a recent loan signing from Fulham - a very talented young man who has played well consistently since his arrival keeping Adam Webster on the bench. Let us hope Kit Symonds will let us keep him a little longer - he is that good 8/10.

dan butler4Dan Butler (bildet til høyre) is another youth team product who has been in and out of the team over the past 3 years but who has kept the experienced Nicky Shorey out of the left back/wing back role, mainly because of his pace. Has made a number of silly errors and picked up needless bookings including a red card. Great potential but not there yet 6,5/10.

Jed Wallace has to be our player of the season, our top scorer who has the energy and enthusiasm to run all afternoon. We were all happy that he negotiated a contract extension. My only criticism is that he too often tries to do it all himself partly out of frustration with some of the others. Plenty of potential for the future and a great advertisement for our youth team policy. 9/10.

James Dunne suffered from a long period out of the team through injury. A hard tackling forceful player whose grit and determination were sorely missed. Has the experience to know what is needed yet is still young enough to deliver. The side improved greatly following his return. His is however the man most likely to get a booking. 8/10.

Danny Hollands certainly has talent but does not always appear to give his all. A bit of a disappointment compared with the end of last season (when he was looking for a contract). An asset on his day but is being used in a bit of a holding role - similar to James Dunne 6,5/10.

The recent big signing Matt Tubbs finally got going at Cambridge and has scored 4 goals in 8 starts. It took a little while for him to find his place in the team despite much effort on his part. Plenty of energy and skill perfectly suited to this league and still likely to end up as our and the league's top scorer. The expectation of the fans is beginning to be rewarded and he may well be responsible for saving Andy Awford his job already worth 8/10

Ryan Taylor is a big disappointment to the fans but still seems to be in favour with AA. He just doesn't seem good enough at holding the delivering the ball plus pitifully few shots at goal. He is out of contract at the end of the season and I cannot believe that he will get a new one with us. He occasionally gets thing right but too infrequently 5,5/10

Adam Webster is another product of our youth team and has played at right back, reasonably talented but still prone to silly mistakes including getting sent off. If he were more consistent he could present a worthwhile alternative to Joe Devera - again can only improve with age and experience. An accurate crosser of the ball. 6/10.

ben chorley2Ben Chorley (bildet til høyre) is an experienced centre back that did quite well earlier in the season but who is inconsistent. If Whatmough can stay injury free I cannot see Chorey getting back in as a regular despite having been captain for part of the season. 5,5/10.

Nicky Shorey is highly experienced and the only player in our current squad with significant Premier league experience, still good at crossing the ball and reading the game, he is unfortunately too slow (particularly when compared to Dan Butler. Unlikely to have his contract renewed 6/10.

Craig Westcarr never really lived up to expectations and is another very inconsistent player who likes arguing with referees more than is good for him. I'm not a fan of his and would not be sorry to see him go 5/10.

Patrick Agyemang put in a few good performances but generally onside red to be well past his best and unlikely to play for us again. 4/10.

Conor Chaplin has manage to come on as substitute for one of our forwards on a regular basis recently but rarely for more than 5-10 minutes. He is very small compared with Taylor but not unskillful- yet another product of the youth team.

Nigel Atangana came from Havant & Waterlooville and has had a mixed season, occasionally coming on and injecting a bit of energy. A little too inconsistent but an asset on a good day 6/10.

Wes Fogden has unfortunately been injured all season and is finally back in training. A more talented imaginative player than say Dunne or Hollands but without their more robust style of play. Often likened to our former favorite Gary O'Neil (sadly not quite that good but we are in League 2). All are hoping for a return in the near future.

johnny ertl99Last but not least Jonny Ertl (bildet til høyre). He still manages the occasion appearance and has kept himself in remarkably good shape. Reliable if somewhat unimaginative but good at shutting things down when hanging on for a point (or three). A good servant of the club but unlikely to be with us next season. One cannot fault his efforts when he does play 6/10.

Andy Barcham – he has had a difficult season due to injury – but is slowly returning to form and favour and is starting to be uses as an impact player most often as a winger playing on the left. Particularly if we have a 4-4-2 formation. More experienced and nearly as quick as Dan Butler he gives the manager an attacking option. 7/10.

Anything can still happen this season and I haven't given up hope on snatching a play-off place. The recent consistently in team selection has given results and provided we can maintain our momentum we might still have a reasonable season. Injuries and suspensions will cause problems since the number of "good" players is limited but there is an increasing core of young talent in place to take us forward.





ryan taylor96
Ryan Taylor har ikke imponert Michael, men ble den store helten samme kveld som Michael hadde levert sin "karakterbok" på Pompey-spillerne.