– Jeg er på god vei

Regan Poole var en av Pompeys beste spillere og hadde nettopp fått sin A-landslagsdebut for Wales da han pådro seg en alvorlig skade i en cupkamp mot Chesterfield. Nå er midtstopperen godt i gang med veien tilbake.

NYHETER: Det er nå tre måneder siden Pompey ble utslått av FA-cupen i 1. runde borte mot Chesterfield. Verre enn cupexiten var det at forsvarssjefen Regan Poole måtte av banen med skade.

Senere undersøkelser viste at kneskaden var så alvorlig at Poole måtte opereres og beskjeden fra legene var at han var ferdigspilt for sesongen. Et stort slag for Pompey, men enda verre for Poole personlig.

Nå forteller Poole, i et intervju med Pompeys offisielle nettside, at han ligger bra an. Han viser god framgang og er der han skal være med tanke på framdriftsplanen for å komme tilbake.

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Regan Pooles kommentarer

“I’m progressing really well and am exactly where I should be – I’ve come a long way since having the operation. It was a really tough couple of weeks after that and I didn’t think I’d be where I am in such a short space of time. The physios are happy and I’m happy – I’m in a good place.

I was fine after getting the injury. I walked off the pitch and got onto the coach, so to hear the news of what I’d done was the toughest thing. We were waiting for the scan results and I was thinking it would be good news, so I was absolutely devastated.

It was heartbreaking and I’d never been injured before, so I wasn’t expecting it. It took me time to get my head around it. I was wondering how I’d get through it because we were top of the league and I was playing every game, while I’d won my first cap for my country.

Everyone at the club was so supportive and there was a phone call straight away, so I wasn’t on my own. They were all gutted as much as me. For them to reassure me that they’re for me if there’s anything I need meant I knew they were with me through this. After the operation it began to sink in. I was in a lot of pain afterwards and couldn’t really do anything. They took the right hamstring and put it into the left knee, but a week later I was off the crutches and I was surprised how quick the turnaround was.

Now I’m doing double leg exercises and a month ago, I never thought I’d be doing that. I’m seeing progress and little wins in my rehab – like doing my first jump the other day. You go home thinking you’ve accomplished something, although it’s frustrating at the moment because I feel I can do more than I actually can. It’s a tough time and you need to remain as positive as you can, but some days are better than others. The medical team do a good job of making sure I’m on track.

I’m sorry I haven’t been on social media as much, but it’s been a time where I’ve had to deal with things with my family and I’ve had to take a step back. But I’ve seen all the messages of support and it’s brilliant. I want to say thank you so much for your messages. It does make me feel emotional. I can’t wait to be back on the pitch again next season and showing you all what I can do.”