2017-18 oxford-pompeyKeeper fejl satte Oxford igang.

Pompey spillede en god første halvleg, og da anfører Pitman scorede kort inden pausen så det fint ud, men målet blev annulleret for off side, surt for Pompey der faktisk havde godt fat i kampen. Du kan se situation her (linket åbner op i den præcise situation)

Der blev ikke skabt de store chancer, Kyle Bennett havde to gange trukket ind fra sin kant med en afslutning, som dog ikke var til det store besvær for Oxfords keeper Simon Eastwood der var hos Pompey i en sæson tilbage i 2012/13.

Tre akademispillere fra start
Pompey manager Kenny Jackett havde hele tre akademispillere med fra start. Haunstrup fik chancen på venstre back, Whatmough havde genvalg i centerforsvaret og endelig fik Adam May chancen på den defensive midtbane!

Faktisk kunne det have været 4 spillere, men Conor Chaplin started på bænken, mens sidste sæsons topscorer Naismith spilled helt på top.
Naismith er bedre på kanten, og mon ikke han starter på venstrekanten i stedet for Bennet i næste kamp!

Sidste sæson havde Pompeys forsvar et hav a clean sheets, men i dagens kamp, var Burgess eneste faste fra sidste sæson. Så det er også et nyt forsvar Pompey er i gang med at sætte sammen. At forsvaret ikke er helt på plads, ja det viser denne situation meget godt.

Luke McGee har i målet set lovende ud, men i dag lavede han en kæmpebrøler, og så var Pompey bagud, et indlæg/skud fra siden blev tabt lige ned i fødderne på en Oxfordspiller bag ham, og så var stillingen 1-0.

Kenny Jackett, ja han valgte at skifte offensivt ind, det betød Naismith blev taget ud efter en lille time og ind med Chaplin, og lidt senere blev vores højreback Talbot skiftet ud og ind kom Baker.

I jagten for udligning, så var Pompey sårbare bagude og da Burgess og Evans ikke kunne finde ud af at få stoppet et kontraangreb, ja så stod den 2-0, se målet her.

I overtiden slog Oxford til en sidste gang og scorede til 3-0.

Hvad lærte vi af kampen, i hvert fald at vi ikke kender vores besøgelsestid og interessant bliver det hvilke konklusioner Pompeys manager Kenny Jackett træffer, vil han gå efter rutinerede spillere og bænke de unge spillere, trods det at de faktisk i The News får gode ratings. Er Naismith den rigtige mand på toppen eller der det Chaplin.

På onsdag møder Pompey i EFL cuppen Fulhams U21 hold, interessant at se hvad Jackett vælger til start XI.

Ratings, som altid positive, og har du spillet mange et managerspil, så kan du vist herunder trække en enkelt karakter fra det some er givet.
Luke McGee: Culpable for the first goal – 6
Drew Talbot (2): Steady performance – 7
Christian Burgess: Defensively dominant throughout – 8
Jack Whatmough: Superb in the air – 7
Brandon Haunstrup: Did himself proud – 8
Adam May: Some encouraging moments – 7
Danny Rose: Couldn’t impose himself – 6
Gareth Evans: Not used enough – 6
Brett Pitman: Couldn’t get involved – 5
Kyle Bennett: Nothing came off – 5
Kal Naismith (1): Starved of decent service – 5

(1) Conor Chaplin: Added something – 6
(2) Carl Baker: Tried to get Pompey going – 6

Pompey-manager Kenny Jackett:
‘We got off to a bad start in the second half with a sloppy goal conceded. ‘It seemed like McGee had the ball and Thomas has picked up the loose ball. ‘After that, the more we went forward and had the ball in their half, the more vulnerable we looked. ‘I didn’t think we had anybody in a one-v-one situation who could beat their man and go past people. ‘All it resulted in was a lot of possession without any penetration and then the Oxford substitutes were incisive on the break and took the game away from us.’

Oxford-manager Pep Clotet:
‘I was looking for a big performance from us. ‘We had to have the right mentality because it was hard for us after a bad result against Cheltenham on Tuesday. ‘The fact the team was able to bounce back and get the three points is proof of the commitment of all of the players.

Kommentarer fra The News:
Yesterday was the latest part of a three stage reality check, hopefully Walsall doesn't become part four! Difficulty in seeing off a ten-man Rochdale side, losing against a very under strength Cardiff team and comfortably second best at Oxford after a tidy first-half combine together to give us some perspective even this early in the piece. Why? Well I don't profess to be an expert but I am (still) confused why a championship winning club with no debt, 3,000 more season ticket holders, commercial merchandising that goes through the roof at this time of year and new owners is failing to improve a half decent squad because we are tied into a small budget...a budget that Paul Cook described, before he ran off, as a 'relegation budget'. Like last year we are, by some distance, the biggest club in this league...and before anyone starts talking about Bradford check out their ridiculously low season ticket prices (they're almost giving them away) and how much that has generated compared with the income at here at Fratton. Our recruitment this summer has been a mixture of not overly inspiring laced with some bad luck. The slightly protracted takeover probably hasn't helped but that's history now. We had to get a 'keeper, we didn't have one other than young Bass (a ridiculous situation), and I'm sure that McGee will come good after an indifferent start. Holmes-Dennis? Such a shame, good job he was only on loan. As for Thompson everything seems to suggest that he's a solid acquisition, we wait to see. Pitman is a goalscorer but I'm afraid that making a striker skipper is nothing short of ludicrous, unless it was part of the deal and the player says it wasn't. Michael Doyle, for all his critics, was an old fashioned 'pro', a skipper who played in a position where he could influence, organise, encourage and lead. By all means let him go, he's 35 and wanted to go back home and needed the security of a two-year contract, but we've had three months to replace him and, to date, we have failed miserably. MC, I might not be the sharpest tool in the box in monetary terms but just once more, can you explain why the budget is less than last season despite the fact we've been promoted, me and nearly 15,000 other season ticket holders would be interested to know? Mr Eisner, while all your ideas for investing in the future of this great club are laudable and welcomed by all you will need to understand that the absolute priority to virtually everyone is what happens on the pitch between 3.00 and 5.00 on a Saturday afternoon...if we don't get that right everything else becomes very secondary.

Although we are all well P$$$$$ off with this result, we have to put this loss into perspective. We have met a settled League 1 side away, who will do well this season. We still have to acclimatise to the pace of this division. This match has brought us down to earth with a bump, it has exposed some weaknesses that Kenny and the team must address. It is no good blaming individuals, but I do get the impression we may not be as fit as we should be compared to others at this level. Injuries have definitely hit us although Kenny wont use this as an excuse,not should it be. Unfortunately some players used as cover are still not up to the task, but things will only get better. We will look back at this game as part of our learning curve, when we get back to winning ways.

The result was disappointing, but in fairness we knew it was going to be like that this season. Win one lose one etc...yes we need a couple of players to give us a little more experience in CM. I believe most fans would agree let's gain experience in this league and consolidate for a season or two, don't believe the bookmakers saying we are third favourites, they were wrong for nearly four seasons. KJ is a good manager and we should be behind him his staff and the players, let's not start putting unnecessary pressure on the team, the young players will go and hide if this happens. KJ assessment of the game was spot on, take them on 1 v 1, stop looking for cheap penalties, have a shot, put your foot in etc.... I still believe that a mid table finish would be a good season. Keep the faith, we are in League one. Improvement each season and we will be fine.PUP

I am not reading too much into this. Oxford are and have been a cut above us for a while. I would wager that will be the worst defeat of the season. Our back four has been decimated from the Evans, Burgess, Clarke, Enda that played so well, last season. So we had a new group including a young keeper, so they hardly know each other, yet! Keep calm and the Fratton Factor will help us over the line. As most sensible fans know, we have the makings of a good young side, but they need time to mature. Jack, Ben Close, Adam May, etc have hardly played, so the best thing we can give this team is....Time... However, the older hands need to step up... Bennett and Naismith looked off the boil and their passing was a bit grim, so the experienced heads have to do the simple stuff right. But, let's Sing 'em to a Win on Saturday. PUP

League One, Kassam Stadium, 12/8-2017
Oxford – Portsmouth 3-0 (0-0)
47 min 1-0 Thomas
82 min 2-0 van Kessel
90+min 3-0 Ruffels

Portsmouth (4-2-3-1): McGee; Talbot, Burgess, Whatmough, Haunstrup; Evans, Rose, May, Bennet; Pitman; Naismith

Bænken: Bass, Davies, Baker, Chaplin, Main, Kabamba, Close

Tilskuere: 9.510 (1.810 away fans)

Under følger videoer og flere bilder fra kampen:


christian burgess72 
Christian Burgess

jack whatmough90 
Jack Whatmough

carl baker92 
Carl Baker.

danny rose91 
Danny Rose

kyle bennett64 
Kyle Bennett

brett pitman annullert 
Brett Pitman ga Pompey ledelsen 1-0, trodde alle, men dommeren så en forseelse og anullerte.

oxford tap 
Spillerne går skuffet av banen etter 0-3.