Er ønsket med videre

Abu Kamara og John Mousinho har begge snakket om Norwich-vingens framtid.

NYHETER: Abu Kamara leverte en strålende sesong for Pompey i 2023/24, på utlån fra Championship-klubben Norwich City. Det endte med ti scoringer, elleve assists og direkte opprykk fra League One.

Nå er låneoppholdet over og Kamara skal etter planen spille for Norwich igjen kommende sesong. Norwich har så langt ikke kommentert Kamara sin framtid. Det er da heller ikke klart om Norwich skal spille i Championship eller Premier League neste sesong. De gulkledde skal spille play-off om opprykk.

Til gjengjeld har både Pompeys hovedtrener John Mousinho og Kamara selv snakket både om hva Kamara har prestert i Pompey og om hans videre framtid.

SE OGSÅ: Abu Kamaras spillerprofil


John Mousinhos kommentarer

«I think with Abu it’s a very, very interesting one. First of all, we have to give a massive thanks to Norwich in terms of the way they’ve handled the loan. We’ve been in constant contact with them throughout, in terms of Abs’ personal development.

He’s just gone from strength to strength. I remember answering questions about Abs’ form around October time, because a couple of fans were getting on his back a bit and a bit frustrated, perhaps with a lack of output. We knew internally Abs would be able to produce though.

I think he’s produced scintillating football on the left, but done it even better on the right. He’s not really looked back since coming over to that flank.

Who knows what will happen with Abu? I’m sure that will be another conversation we have with Andrew and Norwich come the summer, then we’ll see how it goes from there.

If you look at those pathways for players who end up in the Premier League. A really successful League One loan spell followed by a Championship loan spell probably sets you up for the next level.

Not that he may be ready to step up to the Premier League, should Norwich make it, but we’ll see what happens there. Again though, that’s out of our hands and we’ll just have to see what happens.»


Kamaras kommentarer

«I had a zoom call with the manager and sporting director at Portsmouth (before I signed) and they said that the overall goal was promotion. I just liked everything I heard, so it was a no-brainer for me really. When I got there, I didn’t think I would play as much as I did, so to be involved in every game of the season is a massive achievement for myself and I’m happy to have done that.

(My development) has benefited a lot. Having 50 games under my belt at such a young age is going to make me more physically robust and it’s going to make me a better player at the end of the day, so I’m grateful that the manager allowed me to perform.

I haven’t had time to process what I’ve done and accomplished throughout the season so to hear the fans saying “sign him up”, stuff like that, it’s obviously going to fill me up with a lot of confidence, so I really appreciate the Portsmouth fans for that.

I haven’t seen the (Norwich) manager yet but I’m going to see him and hopefully I’ll come back in and have a strong pre-season.»