Pompey fortsetter å skuffe

Michael Pantling er trolig den eneste av våre medlemmer som har vært i England og sett Pompey i aksjon i høst. Her er hans tanker om Pompey.

MENINGER: Vår medlem nummer 42, Michael Pantling, er bosatt i Danmark, men pleier å reise over til England for å se Pompey flere ganger i sesongen enn noen andre av våre medlemmer.

Det siste halvannet året har epidemien gjort dette vanskelig, men Michael har vært over for å se Pompey fire ganger så langt denne sesongen. Som vanlig deler han sine tanker med oss.


SE OGSÅ: Det blir enda hardere konkurranse i League One denne sesongen


Pompey are Continuing to Disappoint

I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel to UK again with minimal fuss and have seen Pompey live – twice at Fratton and away at Charlton and Rotherham.

I was not particularly impressed with the draw at Charlton apart from our two well taken goals Pompey had little to offer. On the other hand the performance against Sunderland as astonishingly good particularly given the appalling conditions. Pompey showed skill and were well organised and gave everything that was expected of them.

I thought Pompey did well at Rotherham for the first 55 minutes but then it all fell apart and it was a bit galling that it was Michael Smith who did most of the damage against us, especially since he did so little when he played for us.

The real shocker was of course the visit of Ipswich to Fratton Park. Bazunu had a terrible game and was mainly to blame for two of their goals but was perhaps let down by the defence for the other two. I have never seen so many Pompey fans walk out so early before and it was abundantly clear to everybody that they were not impressed. Once again it was a former player Connor Chaplin who did a lot of the damage.


Prestasjonene har ikke vært gode nok

A win against Bolton and a draw against Cheltenham might have stabilized our position in the table for now but I am very much afraid that our fight will be more to avoid getting sucked into the relegation battles than challenging for the top. Pompey are neither scoring goals not playing attractive attacking football and our once solid defence has lost its resilience.

It is very hard for me at least to see that Pompey are progressing in the right direction. I never thought I would say that Jackett delivered results. It is however of note that our frontline is little changed and maybe that is a part of the problem.

Marquis simply isn’t delivering enough goals, he’ll be lucky to get 10 goals this season let alone the 20+ we would expect from top striker.

Curtis remains skillful but argumentative and keeps getting avoidable yellow cards that have already led to one ban when perhaps we needed him most. Harness is probably still doing ok and getting on with it but has also seen yellow. On the plus side it is good to see Reco Hackett getting a chance.  Maybe things will improve if some of the injured players return but in my opinion the ones that are available should be fully capable of giving better performances.

It was always going to be a tough season but Pompey’s performances have simply not been good enough. We cannot expect to win every game but equally we don’t expect to lose by 3 or 4 goals. I wouldn’t be surprised if questions were being asked whether we have got the right manager in the next month or so unless things improve dramatically.

Brødrene Cowley.