2021/22: Bournemouth U21 – Portsmouth XI 0-1

Sidste testkamp blev vundet og nu venter en spændende sæson

I optakten til kampen forventedes nok at Pompey ville stille med det der ville være start XI til weekendens første kamp i League One.

Men nej, sådan skulle det ikke være. The Cowleys valgte at give spilletid til til flere af de spillere der er på trial

Officiel kamprapport

Danny Cowley, Pompey manager

 “It was a good exercise for us and an important match at this stage of the season.

“There was a group of players who all probably had different objectives and we like to have this kind of ‘mop-up’ game.

“You’ve got guys who are a little bit short of the 400 minutes we like to get into their legs during pre-season.

“We faced a decent Bournemouth side and I did feel that we were a little bit soft against the ball at times.

“There wasn’t always the intensity and aggression we were looking for, but it was a nice goal from Reeco to settle things.

“I think he’s done really well during pre-season and looked positive – it was a strike that was worthy of winning any game.”

Træningskamp, Canford Arena, 3. august 2021

Bournemouth U21 – Portsmouth XI 0-1 (0-0)

20 min 0-1 Reeco Hacket-Fairchild

Pompey: Trialist A (Trialist G 46); Johnson, Trialist B (Kaba 46), Trialist C, Ogilvie (Hughes 75); Trialist D (Trialist H 68), Trialist E; Hackett-Fairchild (Gifford 68), Jacobs (c), Trialist F; Hirst (Jewitt-White 46)