Supporterintervjuet: Før King’s Lynn Town (H) i FA-cupen

Michael Pantling (t.h.) tror Pompey tar seg greit videre til 3. runde i FA-cupen i ettermiddag.

SUPPORTERINTERVJUET: Flere ganger i løpet av sesongen, deler Michael Pantling sine tanker om Pompey med oss andre medlemmer i Venner av Portsmouth. 61-åringen er den av våre medlemmer som oftest ser Pompey i aksjon. Dessverre ikke så langt denne sesongen, men i en vanlig sesong tar Michael turen fra sitt hjem i Danmark til England ganske mange ganger.

Her er vår medlem nummer 42 sine tanker før dagens hjemmekamp i 2. runde av FA-cupen. En kamp som er vår første mot King’s Lynn Town noen gang. Det er også en kamp som sendes på TV. I Norge går kampen på Viasport 1.


Pompey did well in the cups last season, but ended up losing to Oxford in the play-offs. What do you think of Pompey’s 2019/20-season?

– Promotion would have been good but overall a very good hard fought season. Not the prettiest football but effective.


We are in the play-offs in the league. In the cups we are out of the league cup, but we are still in the FA-cup and EFL Trophy. What are your thoughts on this season so far?

– Once again an excellent recovery after a poor start. Beating Sunderland away is a remarkable feat. Lots of goals too which is a further improvement on last season. I am less worried about the cups; promotion to the Championship must remain our primary aim.


How do you stay updated on Pompey (matches, news, rumours etc)?

– I tend to rely on the BBC and very occasionally “The News”


Have you got any favourite players at Pompey at the moment?

– Jack Whatmough is a firm favourite as whenever I have seen him he always gives his best – my only hope is that his knee problems are behind him so he can further develop his undoubted talent. I have also been an admirer of John Marquis ever since his loan spell from Millwall – he is finally showing what he can do for Pompey.


What do you think about Kenny Jackett and the job he has done and is doing at Fratton Park?

– He has steadied the ship and the team is gradually getting better. Mostly good acquisitions in the transfer market but unfortunately a few losses such as Matt Clarke (expected) and Christian Burgess (unexpected). There seems less space for young talent that has been developed by Pompey but thankfully the days are long gone when we didn’t have a choice. He has done what has been expected of him by the board but not the fans who do not appreciate the playing style adopted by Jackett – that may change if the goals continue at a high rate.


What do you think about our promotion hopes this season?

– I am far more hopeful than at the start of the season. Pompey have already shown that they can beat the best. I even believe that we could gain automatic promotion if we can maintain our consistency and don’t lose any key players to injury. 


Now it is time for an FA Cup game at Fratton Park against King’s Lynn Town in the 2nd round of the FA cup. What are your thoughts on that game, what is your starting 11 and what will the score be?

– I think that Jackett will respect the FA Cup and put out a strong team with a limited number of changes – Bass in goal perhaps and a start for Harrison with Marquis on the bench to start with, otherwise I don’t expect any changes from the regular team.

The score will be 4-1 to Pompey.



Have you got a message to the other Pompey-fans in Scandinavia?

– It has been a hard season for all of us but there is some hope that we will soon be able to get to Fratton to see out team but realistically not before March by which time the need to quarantine will be past, the flights resumed and the pubs open!

We all have to keep faith that things will improve and we can get to see Pompey achieve promotion.

Før 14. serierunde: Oxford (H): Thorgeir Benjaminsen

Før 13. serierunde: Crewe (H): Tom Saunders

Før 12. serierunde: Plymouth (B): Håvard Myhre

Før 1. runde FA-cup: Ipswich Town (B): Atle Stray

Før 11. serierunde: Lincoln City (B): Torstein S. Pedersen

Før 10. serierunde: Charlton (H): Alexander Nilsson

Før 9. serierunde: Northampton (H): Veny Vere

Før 8. serierunde: Sunderland (B): James Lund

Før 7. serierunde: Gillingham (B): Bjarte Hope

Før 6. serierunde: Doncaster (H): Andreas Hougaard

Før 5. serierunde: MK Dons (H): Zubajra Tsutsulaev

Før 4. serierunde: Burton (B): Jakob og Øyvind Velde

Før 3. serierunde: Wigan (H): Sam Manton

Før 2. serierunde: Rochdale (B): Kyle Simon

Før 1. serierunde: Shrewsbury (H): Rasmus Sørensen

Jack Whatmough.