Spent på laguttaket

Michael Pantling tror Christian Burgess, Brandon Haunstrup og Andy May fort kan få spilletid når vi skal møte Norwich i FA-cupen lørdag.

MENINGER: For få dager siden delte vår medlem Michael Pantling sine tanker ved halvspilt sesong. Siden den gangen er Fleetwood slått 5-2 på bortebane. Nå venter Wimbledon hjemme i serien 1. januar og Norwich på bortebane i FA-cupens 3. runde. Her er noen ord fra Michael i den forbindelse:

LES OGSÅ: – Vi er fortsatt på vei

I was really pleased about the Fleetwood result – just what we needed and hope we can do the same tomorrow.


The fans love the cup

I’m not going unfortunately, but have a ticket for Norwich, a bargain at £10

It will be most interesting to see both clubs team selections given that both are chasing promotion and could possibly do without such a distraction –but the fans love the cup.

I could expect to see Burgess come in to give Whatmough a rest. I don’t know how bad Brown’s injury is but it might give Haunstrup some much needed game time. Adam May could also do with a run out.

Luton have a really difficult set of fixtures in January so I hope we can open up a bit of a gap.