Gi Haunstrup ny kontrakt

Vår medlem Michael Pantling deler sine tanker etter tapet for Gillingham forrige helg.


MENINGER: Michael Pantling er som kjent den av våre medlemmer som oftest ser Pompey live. Her er hans tanker sendt oss etter at han hadde sett Pompey tape 1-3 hjemme mot Gillingham.

Pompey were actually quite impressive in the first half, lots of chances on goal and movement around the pitch and generally entertaining – a huge difference from their efforts against Blackpool.

Unfortunately, it all fell apart in the second half following Gillingham’s very well taken equalizer. Pompey then suffered lapses in concentration (Burgess again) and couldn’t cope with a resurgent opposition. Great to see Watmough back and playing well. Deslandes had a couple of nice touches but was generally not up to it; In my opinion his replacement by Haunstrup didn’t happen soon enough and our attacking threat improved greatly after he came on.

Once again our defensive midfield were not very impressive and for once Close’s passing was shocking. Naismith tried hard and  whilst Lowe had a good first half, he lost his way in the second. Ronan was awarded man of the match for Pompey, presumably for his tireless effort but he wasn’t hugely effective.

– Rose is a bit of a risk

The News has listed those players who will be out of contract in the summer –for me Haunstrup needs to be rewarded with a new contract. Rose (skrev ny kontrakt med Pompey like etter at dette ble skrevet) is a bit of a risk following his broken leg and I suspect that there might be a preference to find somebody new instead.  I think Jacket is only playing Naismith because of injuries so I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t try too hard to keep him.

Whilst I could understand people leaving early against Blackpool, Pompey didn’t deserve that against Gillingham – they were far better despite the result.