mark raineMark Raine (t.v.) er en av et tosifret antall medlemmer av Venner av Pompey som i helgen skal på Fratton Park. Mark tror på en målrik sesongavslutning.


Mark Raine, vår medlem nummer 43, er opprinnelig fra England, men har bodd i Danmark i en rekke år nå. Lørdag er han på plass på Fratton Park for å se Pompey i sesongavslutningen hjemme mot Peterborough. Han skal i likhet med en rekke medlemmer av Venner av Portsmouth ta runden på puber rundt Fratton Park før og etter kamp og kose seg på Warrior Lounge med en god middag og god drikke før kampstart. Mark, som gjør intervjuet på engelsk, er den siste som blir supporterintervjuet denne sesongen:

Pompey are number 9 with 19 wins, 6 draws and 20 defeats this season. Only one game left of the season now. Are you happy with Pompey's 2017/18-season? 
- A top half finish is a job well done for our first season back in League One. We have had some good results during the season, but have been far too inconsistent to justify promotion at this stage.

What were your thoughts and expectations before the season? 
- Stability, on and off the pitch following the change in ownership.
kenny jackett91Kenny Jackett (bildet til høyre) came in as our new manager before the season. What do you think of the job he has done this season? 
- I think he’s done ok, with limited financial resources. He has good experience at this level, and I hope he is able to strengthen the squad over the summer.
How do keep yourself updated on Portsmouth FC? 
- Social media and my dad, who has a season ticket!!
Have you got any favourite Pompey players now? 
- Jack Whatmough. His return from injury coincided with a good sequence of results and some well-needed clean sheets – something we had been missing for quite a while prior to that.
What is you prefered starting eleven against Peterborough on Saturday? 
- McGee, Walkes, Whatmough, Clarke, Donohue, Thompson, Close, Lowe, Naismith, Chaplin, Pitman
How do you think the game against Peterborough will end? 
- Could go either way! With only pride to play for I hope Pompey can put recent disappointing results behind them, and finish the season on a high. A 3-2 win!
How often do you get to see Pompey live? Are you going this year? 
- Not as much as I’d like. My family still live in the area but I always seem to plan trips when we have an away game. I’ll be at this game, though.
Is there anything else you would like to say to the other Pompey-fans in Scandinavia? 
- Play Up Pompey!! It’s refreshing to follow your passion for the club, and be a part of it. I see a bright future for PFC under the new owners, but it will take time. Have a great summer everyone and here’s to next season!!!

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Før 31. serierunde (MK Dons B): Robert Nilsen

Før 30. serierunde (Doncaster Rovers H): Torstein S. Pedersen

Før 29. serierunde (Shrewsbury Town H): Duncan Griffin

Før 28. serierunde (Rotherham B): Magnus Smith

Før 27. serierunde (Scunthorpe H): Michael Pantling

Før 26. serierunde (Bristol Rovers B): Trond Gyldenskog Nedal

Før 25. serierunde (Northampton H): Anton Jonasson

Før 24. serierunde (AFC Wimbledon H): Sondre Rossbach

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Før 22. serierunde (Bury H): Luke Moynahan

Før 21. serierunde (Charlton B): David Gunnarsson Lorentzen

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Før 19. serierunde (Peterborough B): Joakim Ellingsen

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Før 1. runde FA-cup (Luton Town B): Amanda Lloyd og Fredrik Galaasen

Før 16. serierunde (Bradford City H): Ståle Håheim

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Før 14. serierunde (Doncaster Rovers B): Steen Houman

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Før 12. serierunde (Gillingham B): Marius Kastet

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Før 10. serierunde (Bristol Rovers H): Pål Alexander Lea

Før 9. serierunde (Scunthorpe Utd B): Torkil Risan

Før 8. serierunde (Fleetwood H): Jean-Robert Tankred

Før 7. serierunde (Northampton B): Asbjørn Stokken

Før 6. serierunde (AFC Wimbledon B): Mathias Eide

Før 5. serierunde (Rotherham H): Christian Knapp

Før 4. serierunde (Wigan B): Trygve Mellvang-Berg

Før 3. serierunde (Walsall H): Lars Håvik

Før 2. serierunde (Oxford B): John Øyvind Polden

Før 1. serierunde (Rochdale H): Bjarte Hope

jack whatmough90 
Jack Whatmough er Marks favoritt.