jubel2015iMichael Pantling er fortsatt den av våre medlemmer som ser Pompey oftest i aksjon. Her er hans tanker ved rundt halvspilt sesong.

I don't think that there can be too many complaints at Pompey's season so far. A few too many draws at Fratton but even some of those have been highly entertaining - the difference in commitment compared with some of the past seasons is very positive. We have finally begun to get around teams that just want to play for one point.

ben davies96Paul Cook is proving to be a highly astute manager and I remain confident we will achieve the promotion we fully deserve. Roberts, Doyle and Davies have all shown the worth of experience - they are as fit and strong as any of the other players (but not quite as quick). While we have managed on occasion without Roberts and Doyle, Ben Davies (bildet til høyre) does not have an obvious substitute and we have to hope that one will not be needed.

Vil ha mer spilletid til Tollitt
Burgess, Evans and Stevens simply continue to shine whereas Bennett is at long last showing a bit of consistency that has been lacking for much of the season. Webster has flourished recently except for the unnecessary sending off at Orient which cost us 1 if not 3 points. Chaplin has been a real match winner and Tollit should be given a bit more time on the pitch - he is astonishingly quick and skillful. I'm very happy that McNulty and Clarke have decided that they are happy to extend their loans and only hope Lavery does the same. It would be great if McNulty were to become a Pompey player at the end of the season or indeed before. I think that Hollands also needs a positive mention for a number of very solid performances after a mixed start to the season.

Unfortunately Tubbs' many attributes don't really suit the style that Cook is looking for and I cannot see him being with us at the end of January. Dunne has clearly played his last game for Pompey - we have accumulated noticeably fewer yellow cards this season. Atangana had his chance at the start of the season but probably isn't good enough. Boco and Naismith have both been mistakes - we can't expect everybody to succeed. I'm not sure about Barton, he has done ok as a standby centre back slightly less so in midfield but he provided useful and needed cover.

Bekymret for keeperplassen
My biggest concern is our goalkeeper. Whilst Cook tries to play up the number of clean sheets, I think that has more to do with our well functioning defence than his goalkeeping prowess. For every good save (and there have been many) there have been some horrible errors. I think he is too hesitant when he has possession and his distribution is inaccurate and unimaginative. Saying that, he is the best we have who is fit and the chances of improving on that are remote at this point in time.

Cook has developed a team who are fit, skillful, play attractive football and know how to win. They continue to improve and have provided some highly entertaining football (even when we lost). We shouldn't forget that this combined with much improved running of the club is leading to better attendances and much improved finances. Careful thought is being given to what to do with Fratton Park particularly on improving the frankly abysmal facilities and to safely restoring the lost capacity - all necessary as we recover our status in the League. All in all, everything is looking good for the future.


brian murphy99 
Michael er ikke overbevist om keeper Brian Murphys kvaliteter.