fans10På denne tiden av året er alle fotballsupportere optimister med tanke på den nye sesongen. Det er også vår medlem Michael Pantling.

Av: Michael Pantling, medlem bosatt i Danmark

This is the time of year when every football fan is optimistic and looking forward to the season ahead. We all hope our clubs will have success and dream of promotion or winning some silverware.

Andy Awford did an essential task when we needed him most and saved us from dropping out of the league but, unfortunately, last season was our worst ever. Losing to a non-league club in the FA cup for the first time and having the worst away record in the league were both hugely disappointing. We are a proud club and the 13.000 or so Pompey fans who regularly turn up at Fratton (and the 1.000+ who travel away) expect better.

- Fresh air
The arrival of Paul Cook has been like a breath of fresh air. He appears to be focused on one thing only - to get Pompey back where we belong. The is no time or place for sentimentally in Pompey's present circumstances - we need players who want to win week in and week out. The occasional glimmer of talent isn't good enough, as we saw last season.

A big clear out was essential and I wouldn't be surprised if one or two others were persuaded to leave. Yes, Jed Wallace's departure was sad, but inevitable - at least he stayed an extra year and gave us something to cheer about and also importantly some cash to spend on new players.

- I think we have a very bright future
All the signs are there for a major improvement. Paul Cook has a proven tract record at this level and is already attracting talented players to drop down a league to play for him again. If he can get improvements from our existing players and in particular the young ones then I think we have a very bright future. I for one am very much looking forward to an exciting and hopefully successful season with good attractive football and a few more away wins.

P.S. I also hope that a way can be found to find something suitable for both Andy Awford and Paul Hardyman both very loyal servants of the club.


andy awford og hardyman 
Michael håper Pompey kan finne jobb i klubben til Paul Hardyman (t.v.) og Andy Awford.