mikey harris99 liteEt veldig ungdommelig akademilag gikk på et stortap mot Exeter. - Resultatet gir et riktig bilde av kampen, sier akademitrener Mikey Harris.

Etter noen veldig gode resultater for akademiet i vinter, ble det hele 0-7 for Exeter tidligere i siste kamp før påskeferien. Exeter ledet "kun" med to mål til pause, men det rant inn etter hvilen. 

Nær samtlige av de eldre akademiguttene var opptatt med reservelagskamp, og dermed endte det med at Pompey spilte med en rekke 15-åringer.

Pompey: Bass (Hall 60); Saidy, Granger, Yates (Green 70); Scutt, Widdrington, Bedford (Tumber 46), Oxlade-Chamberlain, McDowell; Sayers, Woodward.

Akademitrener Mikey Harris: “The scoreline was a fair reflection of the game. Our opponents were very impressive and punished us. It was always going to be difficult because they were at full strength, while we had a lot of 15-year-olds out there. So it wasn’t the best day for our lads, but I believe that it’s an experience they can take a lot from.

This is the environment they’ll be stepping into in a few months and now they know just what the standard is like. When the third goal went in we seemed to throw in the towel and that’s a major lesson for them to learn. We won’t accept that at this club – giving up is not an option. Obviously the result is a negative, but from what I can see they have two options available to them. They can crumble and prove that perhaps the journey will not be a long one or they can use it as a kick up the backside. The ones who go on to be successful will be those who choose the latter."
alex bass2 
Keeper Alex Bass var den med mest rutine i den unge Pompey-laget denne kampen.