team 2014Michael Pantling (Danmark) er den av våre medlemmer som følger Pompey tettest. Her er hans tanker om vår nåværende situasjon.

Michael er engelsk, men har bodd i Danmark i mange år. Han er en av våre ivrige medlemmer i Danmark som har stilt opp på medlemstreff når han har hatt anledning til. Han reiser også veldig ofte over til England for å se Pompey både hjemme og borte. Vi har nå i romjulen mottatt følgende tanker fra Michael.

danny hollands4We have had quite a roller-coaster year. Barker had to go - he wasn't Pompey. We were all happy to see Andy Awford made full time manager. We had quite a run at the end of the season - I particularly remember Dagenham away as being a high point (I could not imagine saying that a few years ago) Hollands, East and Ferry all played particularly well.

I was sorry to see Ferry go back to Scotland. Hollands (bildet til høyre) hasn't hit the same form this season and East has been injured. Not a good start. It was certainly good that Wallace signed a new contract and I thought it was a good decision to keep the youngsters in the team rather than sending them out on loan. Ashley Harris was popular but he hasn't been missed or indeed mentioned by the fans since he went.

Great news this autumn
We had a reasonably good start to this season, at home at least. The great news of the autumn was becoming "debt free" so much earlier than expected. I think this possibly raised some fans expectations of buying new players. We had permission to from the league to buy a couple of players. I believe we paid a modest sum to Havant & Waterlooville for Atangana and he has done ok (my Pompey man of the match on 26, December).

paul robinson100Westcarr hasn't impressed me - the only thing he does consistently is annoy referees and pick up unnecessary yellow cards.

Of all the loan players, Robinson (bildet til høyre) has impressed me the most, he has steadied the defence and saved us countless goals. I thought Fish was ok in his first game but fell away and since gone along with Wyntner who also faded after a promising start - he didn't quite turn out to be the new Glen Johnson. Many of the fans have become very critical of the reliance on loan players. The constant changing certainly hasn't helped create a stable team.

Sad to see McLoughlin go
Everybody on the outside was astonished and saddened to see Alan McLoughlin go - unlike Barker he was Pompey. Andy Awford is another Pompey man loved by the fans as one of our own but now, after slipping down the table, even his tenure is coming under scrutiny. Something clearly isn't working.

Many people thought that had we lost at Luton, he would have been sacked. That would be a shame in my mind. There were some real positives on Sunday, not least the return of Dunne. Bean did ok and so did Ertl. Wallace tried to do everything himself. Shorey's was competent in place of Butler (a very foolish red card against Wimbledon). Devera was also ok in place of Watmough.

I'm hoping Craddock will soon be fit again since we desperately need a striker - despite scoring Taylor achieved very little.

If Pompey are going to change manager (and I hope they do not) it has to be sooner rather than later so that whoever is in charge can buy or borrow players in the January transfer window. While nobody wants a return to the bad old days, we have the largest crowds in the league and should be able to afford to spend a little. The fans are getting tired of our underperforming and the fear must be that unless we end up in the playoffs we won't get 10,000 season ticket holders next season. Our performances against Accrington and Wimbledon were shocking. No matter how good it is going off the pitch, the fans want and demand results. It is going to be a very interesting January for Pompey. I hope it doesn't all fall apart.


Tror du Pompey klarer å heve seg etter nyttår?

andy awford6 
Michael håper ikke Andy Awford sparkes, men skal det skiftes manager håper han det skjer så fort som mulig slik at den eventuelt nye manageren får sjansen til å benytte seg av transfervinduet i januar.