michael2aMichael Pantling fra Danmark var en av flere medlemmer til stede på Pompey-Sheffield United i mars.

The annual visit of the Scandanavian Supporters Club took place on 5th March for the home game between Pompey and Sheffield United.

A theme of the day
In all we managed to gather together 11 members and friends and the official day started with a quick drink (a theme of the day) in the Jimmy Dickenson Lounge and then tour of the ground guided by Jake Payne.

Our group was joined by a number of others so it was a tight squeeze in the home dressing room where all the kit was laid out ready for the match – apart from the small size of the facilities the most surprising thing, for me at least, was the number of pairs of boots the players had ready. 

From the dressing room it was a short walk to the tunnel, past the famous Pompey sailor and onto the pitch, all of us touching the picture for good luck on the way out or as one of our number called it “touching the seamen” much to the amusement of all who heard (her). 

We were remarkably allowed onto the hallowed turf having been told to keep off the white lines and out of the 18 yard box.

After that it was into the Victory Bar for some well earned refreshments.

Photo on the pitch
Our good friends at Pompey were trying to arrange a meeting with Hermann Hreidarsson and not only did they manage to confirm this but our visit was causing a bit of interest so we were invited to have our photo taken out on the pitch by the official photographer so we had to abandon our beer and go back out in front of a rapidly filling stadium with accompanying announcements over the PA.

By then it was too late for a refill so we all made our way to our seats around the ground for the main reason for the visit.

Their position in the league made it necessary for Sheffield to do a little more than just turn up and we were on a fine unbeaten run that we were keen to extend so everything was set up for a thrilling match and we weren’t to be disappointed.

Pompey were still missing Liam Lawrence but Steve Cotterill maintained the successful pairing of Rocha and Hermann and their influence had the desired effect.

Hermann man of the match
Of course the highlight of the match was Hermann’s excellent goal and the award of man of the match.

Needless to say the final whistle meant a return to the Victory Lounge to gather our colleagues and quench our thirst. After a quick pint, we were invited back to the Jimmy Dickenson Lounge and on the way met Steve Cotterill who was gracious enough to have his picture taken with us.

Our hosts were a little bit confused by the nationality some of the other guests in the lounge, who turned out to be a number of Hermann’s friends and family from Iceland who we chatted to in our best Scandanavisk and you never know, we may have some new Nordic members. 

After a quick beer or two, Hermann arrived having first had to meet the corporate guests who had presumably paid handsomely for the privilege. Despite the presence of his friends, Hermann spent some time with us and gladly accepted our offer of honorary membership plus a bottle of Linie aquavit before going off with his friends. A really charming man and a true Pompey star.

Turkish restaurant
So all that was left was to go off to our hotels to freshen up and then off to Southsea for a meal.
I bumped into Jake, our tour guide for an aperitif in a local hostelry and he joined us together with Chris Gibbs who has been so helpful in arranging access and match tickets.

After much texting by Joakim and a little confusion we met in a Turkish restaurant in Osbourne Road for a meal and needless to say more drink. After the meal we went our separate ways the hardcore party animals off to Gunn Wharf and Bo, Sarah and I together with Jake and Chris to a local pub for a nightcap or two.

Closing time was midnight and we decided that that was enough for the day – but what a day, one we won’t forget in a long while.


Elleve skandinaver og manager Cotterill. Michael er nede til høyre. Ellers ser vi Joakim Ellingsen (nummer to fra venstre på bakerste rekke), Erlend Uglem (nummer tre fra venstre), Martin Grimstvedt (like til høyre for Cotterill), Bo Gareth Johansen (helt til høyre bakerst) og Øyvind Velde (med skjerf sittende på huk).

Hermann Hreidarsson på vei bort til oss skandinaver. Johnny Moore til høyre.

Hermann Hreidarsson med ei flaske akevitt som han fikk fra Venner av Portsmouth.