ellingsen brodrene

Trygve til venstre. Storebror Håkon til høyre.

Født: 25/3 2006.

Hjemsted: Haugesund

Sønn av leder for supporterklubben, Joakim Ellingsen






Etter at bilde av Håkon ble lagt ut her på våre sider, har han mottatt blant annet lykkeønskninger fra følgende Pompey-supportere:


Glad to see that mother and baby are both doing fine. The photos are great.
Chris Gibbs


Let me be among the first to say welcome Håkon and congrats to Mum and Dad.
Tim May


Fantastic news, congratulations to you all.


Great news. Hope all are well and congratulations. All you've got to do now is get a scum badge to put in his potty. Speeds up potty training no end :-)
Tony Hillary


What a star. Good luck. In years to come I'm sure he'll thank his dad for the best gift a boy (or girl) could ever have. I've been fighting a battle with my lad (seven in June) who has Chelsea tendencies - he's coming to his first away game on Saturday. I think he's about to reach the tipping point in favour of Pompey.


Joakim, one of the first things I ever tell anyone about when I mention this wonderful community we have here is the amount of people you encounter from all over the world doing their best to make it a Blue planet. I'm amazed that you ended up following us, given all the other British options open to you as a a foreign fan, but I'm thrilled that you did.  Your loyalty to PFC makes me even prouder than I already
am, and I hope I speak for a few others. Jeez, I love you guys.
Steve Morgan


Congrats to all three of you...
Dave Bowers


Brilliant mate, what a legend. Enjoy !


Congratulations to all your family mate, I hope he grows up to be a massive Pompey fan and drives all his Norwegian mates mad, by telling them "do you know I've been to England?".....!!


Congratulations. You kept that one quiet ;o)
Grumpy Old Git


Congratulations to you and your partner.  I hope all is well with you all.


Hearty congratulations to you and Mrs Joakim; and a big welcome to Hakon to your extended Pompey family.


Congrats to Joakim and the wean's ma.


CONGRATULATIONS to you and your better half. I love the photo!
John Hallam


GRATULERER MED DAGEN JOAKIM!! Vår eminente leder har blitt far for første gang!
Alf Rune Ellingsen


GRATTIS!! Samma dag som Pompey spelar hemmamatch också, fräckt.
Magnus Nilsson


Så gøy! Gratulerer med den største dagen en mann kan oppleve. Jeg må vente i ca. to uker til.
Atle Stray


Et kæmpestort tilykke herfra også. Håber at mor og barn begge er OK efter fødslen.
Jean-Robert Tankred


Gratulerer så mye Joakim! Morsomt med ny pompey supporter!
Kenneth Johansen



Far og sønn Ellingsen